The Trip

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Route plan

This is a preliminary route plan. To do:

  • Pick sleeping spots for the RV.
  • Pick recomended eating spots.
  • We can consider overnight driving.
  • Pick activities to do and re-check schedules (i.e. See seals in Monterey, Universal Studios’ tour in L.A., etc.)
  • Prioritize, because it is impossible to see everything! There are now 4 different markers depending on the priority.

There you go:

Thursday 31st of July

  • 11h00 – Colleit, Johanski and Pablo arrive at San Francisco
  • 21h00 – Pol and Nish arrive at San Francisco.

Friday 1st of August:

  • ??h?? – Jason arrives at San Francisco.

Saturday 2nd of August:

  • 09h00 – We pick the RV and leave San Francisco.
  • Visit the Apple Store at Cupertino
  • Visit the seals and the seamen in Monterey
  • Pick a spot in the State Route 1 to sleep.

Sunday 3rd of August:

  • Visit Hearst’s Castle
  • Arrive at Santa Barbara
  • Go to Los Angeles , we arrive at night and we party.

Monday 4th of August:

  • Spend the day in L.A. – Malibu , Hollywood , Beverly Hills , etc.
  • Go to Irvine, we arrive at night, we party while Pol… well, does his things.

Tuesday 5th of August:

  • Spend the day in the Orange County – Huntington, Laguna, Newport, etc.
  • Overnight at one of these beautiful coastal spots

Wednesday 6th of August:

  • Go to San Diego and spend the day and the night – La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Sea World, etc.

Thursday 7th of August:

  • Leave the RV in San Diego and head to Tijuana!
  • Spend the night in Tijuana, tequila, sexo y marihuana.

Friday 8th of August:

  • Back to San Diego, pick the RV.
  • Head to Las Vegas through the Mojave Desert , we arrive at night and party. Pablo gets married with a hooker hooter.

Saturday 9th of August:

  • Wake up with a bad hang-over and 500 bucks less, and go to Grand Canyon
  • Stay overnight somewhere near the Grand Canyon.

Sunday 10th of August:

  • Back to Vegas and overnight.

Monday 11th of August:

  • Trip to Yosemite, we go through Death Valley and overnight there.

Tuesday 12th of August:

  • We arrive at Yosemite and spend two nights as cowboys, burning marshmallows on a camp fire with our tents and horses, yeeha!

Thursday 14 of August:

  • Go to Sacramento early in the morning, see it and head to San Francisco.
  • ??h?? – Jason leaves San Francisco.

Friday 15th of August:

  • ??h?? – Return the RV.
  • Last night in San Francisco and end of the trip guys… and it’s Friday!

Saturday 16th of August:

  • 08h00 – Pol and Nish leave San Francisco.
  • 10h00 – Colleit, Johanski and Pablo leave San Francisco.

3 responses to “The Trip

  1. Oh my God!! Everyday we have at least two things to do. What a stress!! hehe
    One question, what the heck do you want to see in Sacramento? I’m curious ’cause I’ve never heard about it..

  2. BTW, I’ve forgotten to mentioned: Awesome Job!! Giving such amount of details has to be a lot of work.

  3. Be careful in Tijuana! I heard there is some crimes between rival bands lately

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