For the trip

  • Nice underwear
  • Sunscreen
  • Profilactics
  • Since we may be hiking: Tents, sleeping bag, matress, boots, antimosquitoes, …
  • Laptop. US Borders policy with laptops.

Californicating: The Movie

  • HD camcorder with 3CCD and preferably 24 fps (JVC Everio is a good choice). Maybe rent.
  • Shotgun mic.
  • Lavalier mics (one or two).
  • XLR cables and adaptors of all types.
  • Extra batteries and battery charger.
  • Extra film.
  • Laptop with editing software and lots of free disk space.
  • Reference books and notes.
  • Reflector screens.
  • A good light.
  • Fisheye lens?
  • Good headphones.
  • Paper forms for Image Rights Licensing and Music Licensing (in case of interviews and of recording/buying music directly from musicians)
  • Nice (digital) map of California for footage.

Naoise’s checklist

I am a geek and I put my checklist here.

  • Tenda campanya? La de Decathlon 2″ (ocupa molt)
  • Sac de dormir?
  • Màrfaga?
  • Impresora HP de 10×15 per quedar de puta mare? Paper + tintes + adaptador USA. Problemes al aeroport…
  • Trípode?
  • Flash Canon.
  • Bosses Lowepro comprades a Barcelona? Per la reflex una petita, per la reflex + video camara una backpack.
  • Wishlist de Amazon!!! Fer la compra ja? Enviarho a Pittsburg? A Santa Barbara? Al hotel Amsterdam?
  • Botes.
  • Navalles NO.
  • Haver contactat amb Chuck de HP San Diego!
  • Memories Compact Flash.
  • Disc dur? Problemes al aeroport…
  • Preveure que portaras coses d’alla (cameres, roba, tripode,…)

One response to “Checklist

  1. We should probably talk about all the things to carry.
    For example, at the end we are not camping, are we? After the snake video I don’t think I have the guts to sleep in a tent… So there is no need to carry all the related things.
    I can bring USB memory sticks if you need hard drives, I have 5GB.
    What else?

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