Californicating: The Movie

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What is?

Since Lonely Planet is our favorite travel guide and they are giving $500 for indie youtube travel videos, we thought we could make our own 6 Boys 1 Road Trip movie. And if we don’t get the cash at least we’ll have a nice souvenir.

Who pays?

Types of documentaries

  • One-day documentaries.
  • Whole California Road Trip Documentary (Californicating)
  • Single-city documentaries (good for Lonely Planet TV‘s map, not paid)
  • Lonely Planet TV Channels: Bluelist (suggestions from travellers or LP experts), Destination Low-down (destination-specific clips by LP experts), Encounters (person-centered documentaries), Adventure (risk, out-of-the-beaten track, hardcore travellers), World Parties (parties, events, festivals), Travel Tales (memorable moments of a trip).
  • Movie-related documentary. Winks at different movies since there are so many of them going on in California.
  • The States for Europeans. Differences. Socially oriented.
  • Read out loud the California travel guide by Lonely Planet when you are in a described site. Lick ass.

Possible nice shots

List of nice shots you can take with the camcorder or the DSLR. Be prepared.


  • Traveling shots from the RV, both lateral and front, also from the inside (life in the RV) and from inside-out (profile of the driver through the desert…). Traveling.
  • Sunset and dawn are key footage… and they only happen once in a day. Know where you will be and think of the best way of taking advantage of such event, you have to know in advance to prepare for it! Warm light, time lapses, indicates the beginning of the day (and the clip), the end of the day (end of clip) and the start of the night (nightlife).
  • General view of the city/town we are in, always! We’ll need to find some tall buildings or atalayas. Know where the best views are and how to get there… Then some street activity to express the “spirit of the place”. Time lapse.

San Francisco

  • The fog at sunset passing through Golden Gate or all over SF from Twin Peaks. San Francisco fog time lapse. Time lapse.
  • References to the serial Twin Peaks. Talking backwards. Intro music. Movie-related.
  • Hitchcock had it right: seen from below at Fort Point, the Golden Gate bridge induces a thrilling case of Vertigo. Movie-related.
  • Traveling from the cable car. Traveling.
  • Any interview with San Franciscans’ freaks! Social.


  • The seals sunbathing.
  • Jellyfish from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  • Children playing in Denice the Menice park. Social.

Los Angeles

  • Hollywood sign. From far away (typical), and from within. Traveling. Time lapse.
  • Beverly Hills.
  • Freaky people. Social.

Mojave Desert

  • Typical view of a straight highway towards the mountains in the horizon.

Las Vegas

Grand Canyon

  • Helicopter ride! Travelling.
  • Native american shows. Social.

Death Valley

  • Find a mirage. It always gives the sense of extreme heat. The RV driving reflected in the mirage, or distorted by heat waves. A solitary figure at the distance walking towards the camera.
  • Since there are so many geological wonders, create a discourse naming them in each site and then make it continous in post-production (I am sure it has a name…). Collage-discourse.
  • Wildlife.
  • Campsite at night, the tent lit from the inside and the sky darkening at dusk.
  • Emulate a scene of near-death walk in the desert… to then let show you are beside a campground with fresh coke and children playing. Movie-related?
  • Sunset and sunrise, pick really beautiful spots! Timelapse.



Lonely Planet: San Francisco.

Lonely Planet: San Francisco Hustle.

10 mph

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Cyan in Zaragoza

Sweet. šŸ˜‰

Where the hell is Matt?

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2 responses to “Californicating: The Movie

  1. Let’s make the movie! Does anybody have a decent camera? Recording at a good frame rate would be really nice!

  2. I am checking the JVC Everio GZ-HD7, looks nice and it may be cheap to buy second hand in San Francisco…
    Also we can rent equipment. In the Checklist page there’s more info on what we should have (very pretentious but…)

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