6 boys, 1 trip

We are a bunch of friends planning a road trip through California and part of the Southwest. Since we are natural born geeks we created this blog to stay in touch and organized… and we called it Californicating.

If you happened to land here, we hope the information gathered helps you!

Have your say

We would appreciate very much any advice, useful information or simply hearing similar experiences from other people.

Help us

We are on a very low budget, if you wish to donate… nah, just joking! We’re not that kind.
We are trying to fund this trip with Lonely Planet and maybe some sponsors, like Matt did… know of someone? Want to sponsor? Please tell us!!! (leave a comment on this page) We would do (almost) anything!


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi there
    I was looking at your blog and I saw the perfect picture from one of my designs. Basically I am designing a little postcard for an event that my company will organise in California.
    I was wondering if you sell this picture for commercial use and how much.

    My company it is not too big and we are in London.
    This is the picture
    Route 1 from San Francisco to los angeles

    ps: by the way, your trip looks great 😉

  2. Hey Ligia, the pict in the header must be from Flickr. I am sorry I don’t remember the link now, but doing a bit of search I am sure you can find it and have it. If I put it here it probably has creative commons rights.

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