Things to do in San Diego

San Diego

San Diego

Its superb coastline, near-perfect climate and Mediterranean facade make it the quintessential Southern California beach city, but there’s no chance to develop ennui. The smorgasbord of museums, zoos, animal parks and beaches will have you wondering which way to run next.

Lonely Planet

First of all … There are now only 10 days left in the californicatemeter countdown !

This is not going to be a huge list like the SF one, but this place is also awesome. Besides, Tijuana is really close !

  • Gaslamp Quarter
    The focus of the city’s nightlife…

    Gaslamp Quarter

    Gaslamp Quarter

  • Downtown
    The central business district of the city, downtown is also a hub of nightlife and has many attractions.

    San Diego

    San Diego

  • Pacific Beach (PB)Mission Beach
    Two popular beach communities with plenty of shops, restaurants, and nightlife, alongside a man-made inlet known as Mission Bay, home to Sea World.

    July Fourth

    Pacific Beach - Madness : July Fourth

  • La Jolla
    An upscale beach community that’s almost a separate city from San Diego. UCSD is also close.

    La Jolla Beach

    La Jolla Beach

  • Tijuana
    Usually used as a quick escape from moral norms.



The United States State Department has issued a travel warning for all border areas of the United States and Mexico. Rival narcotics gangs have increased violent activities against each other and against non-involved citizens.


Pedestrian border crossing sign

Pedestrian border crossing sign

If somebody has time and money …


5 responses to “Things to do in San Diego

  1. These are ALL great areas and at the top of my list, but don’t forget ocean beach and Torrey Pines (great hiking and renowned golf).

  2. this website is kool i guess XD

  3. Gorgeous. I can’t wait to live there.

  4. I live near La Jolla, and it is the most beautiful serene beach that you will find. It’s the perfect place to bring a paintbrush, look at the sunset, and draw. I give it a five.

  5. Rajdeep Raichand

    AWESOME PLACES but Los angeles is WAY BETTER

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