Things to do in Los Angeles

There are now only 16 days left in the californicatemeter countdown !

Ok, let’s focus, things we can do in LA :

  • Have a photo with the famous Hollywood sign.
  • Walk of FameMann’s Chinese Theater.
  • Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, quintessential places of the glittery LA.
  • Staples Center : Home to the Lakers, Clippers or the LA Kings
  • Farmer’s Market : Great place to eat and walk…
  • Getty Center : : The billion-dollar center.
  • El pueblo de LA : Compact, colorful and car-free. Great place to eat !
  • Visit another Chinatown.
  • Drive Mulholland Drive.
  • Do the Warner Bros VIP Studio Tour. ($45, 2h15min)
  • Be part of a TV studio audience (free, one month wait)
  • Beaches
    • Venice
    • Santa Monica
    • Malibu
  • Other things:

One response to “Things to do in Los Angeles

  1. Well, other things to do in LA is to go at a TV show. We can find free tickets in the next webpage:

    Also, we can go to de Hollywood Bowl, where we can see free concierts:
    We can carry our own drinks and food.

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