Countdown has begun – 33 days

Just 33 days and … road trip !

BTW today I was thinking that would be great to have a list of things to do this month.

Any ideas ?

5 responses to “Countdown has begun – 33 days

  1. first thing on my list: Get driving permit for CA.

  2. international driving permit for spaniards (permiso internacional de conducción):

    international driving permit for american citizens:

  3. I think it’s too late for me. I forgot taking my licence when I was there, and now I cann’t get it in the United States. Also Jason has the same problem. But anyway, we’ll drive our SUPER MOTOR HOME .

    BTW, if you wanna go to the Alcatraz Prision, we should make a reservation or buy the tickets, because when I went, every tickets were booked for 3 or 4 days.
    It’s up to you.

  4. OMG !

    Hei ! I wanna visit Alcatraz !!!!! 🙂 and I am sure Naoise as well, so we better start booking it !!!! xDDD

  5. permit… check

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