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This is my cousin’s recent road trip around the west coast. I’ve already sent this to Pol a few months ago, but I think it’s a good idea to share it with all of you too.

I’m not saying we must follow this, because I would like to spend some days on the beach also, but I think it’s a good referent to look at. There is some information about the National Parks around the area that we can take advantage of. Most of them are already placed on the map, but just in case there is one missing I attach the email that she sent me.

I’m sorry Jason, but it’s in Spanish and I don’t feel like translating it into English.

Here it goes..


* Yo volaria a L.A. y alli alquilaria el coche: Estaria viendo la ciudad no mas de un dia y a continuacion a San Francisco por la costa.

* San Francisco un par de dias.

* De ahí a Yosemite donde pasais un dia al menos (Si teneis haceros la subida al Half Dome). Llevaros tienda y dormis dentro del parque. Ir a ver el Mariposa Grove (zona se Secuoyas).

* De ahí enfilais hasta las Vegas pasando por el Tioga Pass (un puerto de mas de 3000 m, es la entrada a Yosemite desde el este), Death Valley (podeis ir al Zabrisky point, el punto mas bajo de los USA), y dormir en Las Vegas (entre semana los hoteles muy baratos). Esto os cuesta un dias mas o menos.


Hasta aquí se os han ido unos cinco dias si os dais vida. Otra opcion quizas mejor seria volar a San Francisco, ir a Yosemitie, bajar hasta Kings Canyon NP y Sequoia National Park e ir a Las Vegas por la 58 y la 15. De esta manera pasas de LA y del Death Valley pero ves mas parques nacionales, que son lo mejor de los US.



* Pasais un dia en Las Vegas, vais a los casinos y si teneis pelas a ver un espectaculo del Cirque de Soleil.

(A continuacion, Nuria y yo hicimos una ruta circular. Merece mucho la pena, pero tardas unos 7-8 dias. Si la primera parte del viaje la haceis rapido os da tiempo)

* Las Vegas à Canhon del Colorado (Es el South Rim, Garnd Canyon village). Pasar por la Hoover Dam, e intentad llegar alli para ver el atardecer. Dormir por alli cerca.

* Al dia siguiente, si estais flipando con el Canhon, haceros la excursion de bajada y subida al rio colorado.

* De ahí teneis que ir hacia Page y ver el Antilope Canyon. De ahí hasta el Monument Valley e intentar ir a dormir a Moab (el mejor sitio de la zona). Puede que sea demasiado paliza para un dia, si veis que es mucho dormir en camino, aunque los pueblos entre Page y Moab son un poco penosos….

* En Moab: Dedicar la manahna al Arches NP (muy bueno) y subir al Dead Horse Point para ver el Canyonlands NP.

* De alli, vais bajando en coche hasta Brice Canyon (uno de los sitios mas increibles del viaje). Entre medias podeis ir a ver el Zyon NP (o el Capital Reef). Al fondo del Zyon hay una excursion muy buena, por una garganta de un rio….. Ir a dormir cerca del Bryce.

* Visitar Bryce à Vuelta a las Vegas. Gastaros los $$ que os queden y vuelo de vuelta.


Este viaje se hace bien en unos 15 dias y ves practicamente los mejores NP de USA excepto Yellowstone (para eso necesitas una semana mas). Es uno de los mejores viajes que podeis hacer. Si os quereis quitar algo, yo pasaria de L.A. Esencial: Compraros un mapa de carreteras y una buena guia. Podeis dormir en los miles de moteles que hay a lo largo del camino….

6 responses to “Previous Trips

  1. Nice info Joan 🙂 It is gonna be really useful !

    I have a question though xDD did they do this trip during summer ? I mean, there is no beach at all !! 🙂 oooohhhh I think Los Angeles is cool enough to spend there at least one day (santa monica, hermosa beach, manhattan beach, nightlife, beverly, hollywood…) I agree that lot of people don’t like LA, I guess bc they expect something different. But I have to admit that… I love it 🙂 it is such a humongous place with tons of CONTRASTS (social, architectural…) oops my boss is around … anywayyyyyyyy xDDD I am going to work a little bit or they will kill me 🙂 Keep in touch!

  2. great info!! I am with the camping-in-Yosemite thing, and with visiting monument valley (although is a bit far). There is useful information, although we’ll be sleeping mostly in the RV.
    My ideal route would be: down all the coast, up through the national parks (Yosemite and Gran Canyon, Death Valley and maybe Monument Valley) and Las Vegas.
    My ideal activities for the moment are: Helicopter in the Grand Canyon (better than the $50 hover rip-off), two day horse ride and camping in Yosemite and/or Death Valley. I’ll write a post about that when I can.

  3. I think they made the trip on summer, but they really love National Parks I guess this is why they didn’t spend time on the beach.

    Helicopter in the Grand Canyon??!! My God Nish! I am really looking forward to read what you have found on each place.

    My cousin told me also, as you say, that you can sleep in the National Parks. They were carrying a tent, we’ll be more comfortable with our motor house xD

  4. Hellooooo!

    I really like the idea of going to monument valley but I think it is a little bit far 🙂 we can try though if everybody is agree with that !

    I did a similar route with my parents (we didn’t go down to SD) , we took that helicopter, AND it is sooo cool, I would totally recommend it ( I will not repeat though… quite expensive xD), it is absolutely the best way to see it 🙂

    My favourite places… I don’t care, but I have to admit that I LOVE the beach and I love SF and and LA xDDD however I really REALLY wanna visit death and yosemite. If everybody is agree then I would like to visit monument but as I said it is freaking far away from the canyon so, let’s see xD

    Ohhhhhhhh and August 12th is my birthday, so I would love to celebrate it with all of you somewhere !! (what about … vegas ? xD)

  5. I would also like to visit as many things as I can, as I have never been there and I don’t know when I would be able to go back there. But I understand that everything is not possible, even more if we are 6 (the anchor might should up a couple of times :P).

    Let’s try to have as many things planned as possible and then decide on the fly what we are able to do.

    Btw, I also think that for your birthday would be great to be in Las Vegas, I’ve been told that there are a lot of ‘beatches’ there…

  6. I LOVE Las Vegas’ “beaches”! We could visit a couple for colleit’s birthday LOL

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